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Welcome Our 2023 Interns!

This year, Moving 4ward, our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiative, will host Orthofix’s Class of 2023 interns in Lewisville, Sunnyvale, Irvine, and Carlsbad. Our interns are a diverse group of students from many areas of study and are here to work on challenging projects, gain broad exposure to our business, develop new skills, and hopefully, have a little fun as they acquire real world experience. 

Genesis Long has joined Orthofix in Irvine, California as a Quality Engineering Intern under the management of Mark Takagi. A recent transfer student from Saddleback College, Genesis will be attending California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo in the fall in pursuit of her Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering.

One fun fact about Genesis is that she is a former student-athlete soccer player at Saddleback College where she helped her team win their first ever State Championship this past fall. As a big soccer fan, Genesis is looking forward to watching the Women’s World Cup this summer and cheering on the U.S. Women’s National Team. She is also passionate about physics as a former physics tutor and member of Saddleback College Robotics and assisted in the creation of a fully functional rover over the course of the school year. 

Genesis is thrilled to have the opportunity to apply her knowledge and skills in a real-world professional setting this summer at Orthofix. “I am eager to learn from experienced professionals in the field and learn valuable knowledge that will help me grow as an engineer. I cannot wait to join a team dedicated to improving patients’ lives.”

Favorite Artist: Taylor Swift

Favorite TV Show: “Breaking Bad”

Favorite Sports Team: Paris Saint-Germain F.C.

Favorite TV Show: “Friends”

Disha Sakhale is currently in pursuit of her master’s degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering at San Jose State University. She has joined Orthofix in the Sunnyvale, California office as a Quality Systems Intern under the guidance of Avinash Thite.

Some of Disha’s hobbies include gardening, swimming, and dancing to Bollywood music. She shared her guilty pleasure of being a reality TV junkie and claims that it can be rather enjoyable to indulge in on occasion. Disha’s music taste is always changing, but recently she has been loving LOFI music and the mix of genres that provides its signature relaxed feel.

For her internship, Disha is eager to gain practical, hands-on experience in various aspects of the medical device industry. She says that she is excited about the prospect of collaborating with some of the other interns and working alongside a team of highly skilled professionals. “I’m confident that this internship will be an incredible learning opportunity for me, and I’m excited to see what I can contribute to Orthofix’s continued success.”

Abdullah Ghaffar is in pursuit of his master’s degree in Quantitative Finance from The University of Texas at Arlington. He has joined this summer’s group of interns at headquarters in Lewisville, Texas as a Compliance Intern under the guidance of Susana Franco.

Ever passionate about finance, one thing that Abdullah would love to do is help people, especially students, with obtaining financial literacy and learning how to manage their personal finances. A unique interest of Abdullah’s is the thought of living completely off the grid. He even shared that he would love to build his own house someday!

Abdullah is ready to take on his Orthofix internship and has a strong desire “to meet the Orthofix Leadership team in order to learn more about the business and how they are navigating through this highly competitive technological era.” Regarding his role, he hopes to learn about the compliance world and apply his unique skill set to support his new team in their ongoing projects. Abdullah’s main goal is to use his data analytics expertise to help further enhance the internal controls and compliance with the regulatory requirements of Orthofix products.

Favorite Sports Team: Pakistan National Cricket Team

Guilty Pleasure: Listening to Pakistani Ghazals

Favorite TV Show: “New Girl”

Favorite Genre of Music: Pop

Shruti Mohan Karthikeyan has joined our team in Lewisville, Texas as a Regulatory Affairs Intern under the management of Xavier Sarabia. As a current student at The University of Texas at Dallas, Shruti is working toward obtaining her Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering.

While attending The University of Texas at Dallas, Shruti works as an undergraduate research assistant alongside her professors and peers as she assists in testing the performance of biosensors and the tracking of metabolic infections.

Some fun facts about Shruti are that she is a huge fan of chocolate, enjoys being outdoors as much as possible, and loves to travel. She shares that her favorite place she has visited so far is California, but she has many more places she would love to visit. Shruti is passionate about working in a place that creates a strong balance between work and family so that she can enjoy all life has to offer.

As Shruti joins the Orthofix team this summer, she is most excited to “meet everyone on the team” and use her knowledge and experience to aid the Regulatory Affairs department in all their tasks.

Maddie Perkins is a Biology Major attending the University of San Francisco and is the new Orthopedics Marketing Intern under the management of Kat Smith in our Lewisville, Texas office.

One fun fact about Maddie is that she is currently a professional triathlete for Team USA and will be competing in Germany this summer at the 2023 World Triathlon Sprint and Relay Championships. When she is not training, Maddie loves to test out new vegan recipes that she finds on Instagram or TikTok or watch her favorite TV shows: “Ted Lasso,” “Bridgerton,” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” Maddie is extremely passionate about helping others, being someone that people can rely on, and pushing those around her to be the best version of themselves.

For her internship this summer, Maddie is excited to meet new people and learn more about medical device sales. With her background as a Marketing Intern for a sports supplement company and experience in shadowing an orthopedic surgeon, Maddie is confident that she can bring a unique skill set to the Orthofix team and is “looking forward to learning what goes into medical device marketing and making this company so great!”

Favorite Music Genre: Country

Guilty Pleasure TV Show: “Love Island”

Favorite Movie: “Ratatouille”

Favorite Sports Team: Juventus F.C.

Mousa Shah is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering at The University of Texas at Dallas. He has joined Orthofix as a Quality Assurance Engineering Intern under the leadership of Mike Medina at our Lewisville location.

Setting Mousa apart is his passion for leveraging innovation and complex ideas to solve everyday problems. He has begun his pursuit of this mission as an undergraduate researcher in the Humanoid Robotics Lab at The University of Texas at Dallas and hopes to continue that growth over the course of this summer.

Recreationally, Mousa can be found playing tennis or hiking outside of work and in his free time enjoys screenwriting, photography, and cooking Mediterranean cuisine. His current favorite musician is Belgian-Egyptian singer/ songwriter Tamino, who he was fortunate enough to see perform live in Fort Worth recently.

Mousa hopes that by the end of this summer he will understand the business implications of being an engineer at a sizable medical device company like Orthofix. He is looking forward to “learning how to effectively collaborate in my role with other interdisciplinary departments and engineers.”

Layla Hasan has joined Orthofix in Carlsbad, California as a Marketing Services Intern under the leadership of Wyatt Elhrich. She currently attends California State University at San Marcos where she is majoring in Business Marketing.

One thing that Layla is incredibly passionate about is reading. She shares that she finds so much joy when she immerses herself in a good book and loves discovering new authors and genres. Apart from reading, Layla enjoys baking, yoga, horseback riding, and listening to Taylor Swift. She also has experience in Marketing as a Marketing Student Assistant in the Dean’s Suite and as the Director of Outreach for the Marketing Society at California State University at San Marcos, making her an exceptional addition to the Orthofix team. 

Layla is excited for learning opportunities throughout her internship that will provide her with a chance to learn and acquire practical marketing skills. “I look forward to the mentorship aspect from working closely with experienced professionals who can guide me throughout this internship. I am eager to gain hands-on experience, work on real projects, and expand my knowledge base!”

Favorite TV Show: “Gilmore Girls”

Favorite Sports Team: Los Angeles Lakers

Favorite Sports Teams: Baltimore Ravens and Baltimore Orioles

Favorite Music Artists: Dispatch and Chris Stapleton

Melissa Troy is a recent graduate of MiraCosta College where she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biomanufacturing. She has joined Orthofix this summer as an Inspection Automation Quality Engineering Intern in Carlsbad, California under the leadership of Chardythe GipsonBean.

Melissa loves being outdoors and enjoys partaking in a multitude of activities that include surfing, skiing, skating, hiking, and camping. A fun fact about Melissa is that she has worked as a ski instructor for the past eight years during her holiday breaks! On the days that she stays inside, Melissa can be found reading, painting, or photographing her surroundings.

With her strong passion for discovering new possibilities to benefit people’s lives, Melissa is excited for the opportunity to hone her skills and gain insight into the quality regulation practices of Orthofix. “I am looking forward to learning more from my team and sharing knowledge with them!”

Zachary Conte is a current Bioengineering major from San Diego State University. He has joined Orthofix this summer in our Carlsbad location as a Cervical Hardware Design Engineering Intern under the leadership of Zeb Yoder.

In his free time, Zachary loves to participate in all different types of sports including volleyball, surfing, golf, spike ball, tennis, ping pong… you name it. With the love he has for sports, it is no doubt that Zachary is a fan of watching them as well. He shared that his favorite sports team is the Kansas City Chiefs. Zachary also loves music and can be found listening to an assortment of genres such as worship, pop, rap, and country.

Passionate about serving others and improving the quality of life of others, Zachary is eager to start working within the medical device industry. As Zachary joins the team, he is looking forward to meeting and learning from talented and experienced engineers and surgeons. “I am excited to contribute my skills and play a role in the impactful work that is being done at Orthofix.”

Guilty Pleasure Meal: Taco Bell cravings box with a Baja Blast

Favorite Movies: “Good Will Hunting” and “La La Land”

Favorite Anime: “One Piece” or “Naruto”

Favorite Snack: Dark Chocolate

Disha Sirsat is currently attending The University of Texas at Dallas as a graduate student in pursuit of her master’s degree in Business Analytics. With her experience as a Business Analyst, Disha’s skill set is being applied as a Business Intelligence Analyst Intern this summer under the management of Richard Nash at headquarters in Lewisville, Texas.

When she isn’t putting her analytic mind to work, Disha can be found sketching or playing badminton and cricket. Her favorite hobby however is watching anime which she would love to discuss with you at any given time. Disha also has a strong passion for self-improvement as she consistently strives to enhance her personal skills and even help those around her realize and reach their potential.

During her internship this summer, Disha says that she is looking forward to the opportunity to learn and gain more practical hands-on experience. “I am eager to contribute to projects and initiatives that aim to enhance operational efficiency, optimize patient outcomes, drive business success, and give back to society. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of Orthofix, and I am excited to make meaningful contributions during my internship.”

Evan Percival has joined us this summer in Sunnyvale, California as the Manufacturing Engineering Intern under the management of Roberto Barragan. He is a current Mechanical Engineering Major at The University of California, Riverside.

Very much a future engineer, Evan is deeply passionate about building things. He enjoys 3D printing, building Legos, and even works at a machine shop where he helps people manufacture different parts. Evan’s hobbies also include playing video games, riding his bike around sunny California, and indulging in his favorite movie series, “Star Wars.” He loves listening to Indie Rock/Pop music and some of his favorite performers are Swedish heavy metal band, Sabaton, and American singer, Unlike Pluto.

As Evan jumps into his Mechanical Engineering internship, he is looking forward to “learning more about manufacturing engineering” and gaining more hands-on experience in the professional workforce. Evan also added that he is excited to be a part of the positive work environment that Orthofix prides itself upon.

Guilty Pleasure: Buying “Star Wars” Legos

Favorite Sports Team: San Jose Sharks

Favorite Movie: “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”

Favorite Artist: Noah Kahan

Katherine McElaney currently attends Texas A&M University as a Communications major with a minor in Professional Writing; she joined the Orthofix team this summer as a Corporate Communications Intern in our Lewisville office under the supervision of Guy Davis.

Some of her favorite things in life are music and film, as she loves finding new artists and attending concerts with her friends, as well as watching the latest and greatest movies on the big screen. Katherine is not only a fan of the arts, but as a former track and field athlete, she loves to watch all sporting events.  Katherine shares that her favorite sport to watch is college football (“Go Aggies!”), but as a born and raised Boston fan she will never fail to support the New England Patriots at the professional level.

This summer, Katherine is looking forward to working with people in the communications industry who have years of experience and are passionate about what they do. “Being able to intern for a company that makes an impact with their work and do it alongside people that are so knowledgeable about Corporate Communications makes me very excited to start working and learning!”

Shubham Bargal has joined the Orthofix team this summer as another exceptional student from The University of Texas at Dallas. He is majoring in Information Technology and Management with a specialized track of Digital Product Management and is this summer’s Clinical Data Management Intern under the supervision of Julie Davis.

This intern loves to be active and adventurous and will often be found playing volleyball, watching football and cricket, or discovering new and exciting places to spend his time. Shubham loves to treat himself to decadent desserts after his long workdays and is a huge believer that doing so can boost your mood and reduce stress! Two of his all-time favorite desserts are chocolate cake and warm apple crumble.

Shubham has a lot that he is looking forward to this summer, but one of the things that he is most excited about is being able to gain hands-on experience and contribute to the success of the Orthofix product development process. His main goal for his internship is “to learn about the approach to product management and develop a deeper understanding of the intersection between technology, healthcare, and customer needs.”

Favorite Sports Team: Indian National Cricket Team

Favorite TV Show: “The Office”

Favorite Music Artists: Gracie Abrams, Dominic Fike, Taylor Swift, and Harry Styles

Favorite Movie: “10 Things I Hate About You”

Megan Moglia is currently majoring in Bioengineering with an emphasis in Medical Devices at Santa Clara University. She has joined Orthofix this summer as a Quality Engineering Intern under the leadership of Laura Hook in Carlsbad, California.

This intern offers extensive experience as a former employee for two different biotech companies in San Diego where she worked with microfluidic devices for cancer detection and designed and tested medical devices for various medical applications. Megan loves playing soccer, baking, cooking, and sewing her own clothes in her free time. A fun fact about Megan is that despite going to Santa Clara University, her favorite sports team is the San Diego State University basketball team because she grew up watching them and going to games with her dad.

Megan is excited for her internship this summer as she hopes to expand her knowledge on medical devices and hopefully gain more insight in ways to help patients receive improved and more accessible medical treatment. “I am looking forward to getting to know my coworkers and fellow interns as well as working with medical devices that are being designed and used to help patients.”

Stephanie Nguyen just recently finished her fourth year at the Illinois Institute of Technology where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Business and a Master of Engineering in Pharmaceutical Engineering. She has joined Orthofix as a Biologics Product Development Intern in Carlsbad, California under the mentorship of Jiawei He.

One of Stephanie’s many hobbies is playing volleyball, which she has taken part in since 8th grade. She still competes in the sport to this day as an active member of her university’s varsity volleyball team. Stephanie also loves film claiming her favorite movies are “Spirited Away” and “Tick, Tick… Boom!” She has a strong passion for sustainability and would love to help make quality health care accessible and affordable for everyone.

Stephanie’s background as a former Research and Development (R&D) Intern and her unique skill set will be applied to R&D Biologics at Orthofix this summer; she is looking forward to the experience she will gain from her internship. “I am excited to learn from my mentors and get to work on my project!”

Favorite Candy: Sweetart Ropes/ Nerd Gummy Clusters

Guilty Pleasure TV Show: “Love is Blind”

Favorite Artist: The Backseat Lovers

Favorite Sports Team: LA Rams

Noah Sampiere-Prochnow is currently in pursuit of his Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the University of California, Irvine. He has joined Orthofix this summer as a Manufacturing Engineering Intern under the management of Bart Brevik in Irvine, California.

When Noah is not honing his engineering knowledge, he can be found participating in a few of his favorite hobbies such as swimming, surfing, and rock climbing. A guilty pleasure of Noah’s is watching YouTube video essays, even though he enjoys them too much to feel guilty about it. Noah also shared that he has recently been spending a lot of his free time watching his new favorite TV show “Ted Lasso.”

Noah is looking forward to putting his experience as a former engineering intern to work as he uses his knowledge and skills to help people at Orthofix make a difference in the lives of others. “I am most looking forward to learning from other smart and creative individuals with different backgrounds and experiences.”

Henry Ojeda has joined Orthofix this summer as a Spinal Implants – Product Marketing Intern under the mentorship of Brandi Messina in Carlsbad, California. He currently attends San Diego State University where he is majoring in Business Administration.

Henry shared that he is an avid mountain biker and enjoys surfing on the coast of California whenever he has the opportunity. He is also a huge fan of Formula One racing and is always keeping up to date with how his favorite team, Aston Martin, is doing throughout the season. When he is not watching Formula One, Henry can be found watching either of his favorite TV shows, “Breaking Bad” or “Better Call Saul.” A fun fact about Henry is that he enjoys listening to 90s Rock and Grunge music and loves the band Stone Temple Pilots.

With his passion for helping others and making a positive impact, Henry is eager to begin contributing to the Orthofix team. “I am most looking forward to gaining experience in the spinal instrumentation market and being able to learn from the professionals at Orthofix.”

Favorite Sports Team: San Diego Padres

Favorite Treat: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Favorite Movie: “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”

Favorite Snack: Peanut-butter filled pretzels

Amy Hao joins Orthofix this summer as a Test Engineering Intern under the management of Zac Dooley in Carlsbad, California. A current student at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Amy is working towards gaining a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

During her free time, Amy is an artist who enjoys completing different crafts as well as reading, participating in martial arts, and playing video games. Not very particular about music, Amy will listen to anything with a good beat, but does like the genres of metal and alternative/rock the best.

Amy has experience in the field of engineering as a research assistant at the University of California, Santa Barbara where she has run experiments on soft actuators. This past year Amy had the opportunity to work on one of SeaSpine’s capstone projects that involved developing an expandable trial implant for ALIF (Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion).

As Amy becomes part of the Orthofix team, she shares that she is passionate about helping people regain quality of life after an injury or illness. “I am looking forward to learning more about the process of designing experiments and testing in an industry setting.”

Anushree Nilavar has joined this year’s group of interns as a Quality Operations Intern under the direction of Bruno Geron at Orthofix headquarters in Lewisville, Texas. She is currently studying Biomedical Engineering at The University of Texas at Dallas.

Interested in a variety of different pastimes, Anushree’s top interests are exploring new cuisines and singing. She is also incredibly passionate about traveling and has an extensive bucket list of places she would like to visit someday. One of Anushree’s guilty pleasures is enjoying a sweet treat on occasion; her favorite is any type of rich chocolate pastry.

As Anushree brings her analytical mind to Orthofix’s team, she is excited to start working on projects that will benefit the lives of others. “I am looking forward to networking with new people and getting hands-on experience.”

Favorite Snack: Chocolate

Favorite Musical Artist: Shreya Ghosal

Special thanks to our Moving 4ward intern program committee members: Ericka CrinerJennifer WynneJacqueline MoshrefNick KoskeDouglas MillerLauren SpurginTaylor WilsonLogan SidelmannTam NguyenSaba KahnJennifer DockweilerDavid ColemanZac DooleyLeah ShermanSharon Floyd, and Emily Eisele. And special thanks to our Corporate Communications team: Guy DavisJackie SmithBriana Kay and Katherine McElaney.