Men playing football

Limb Healing Solutions

Children and adults with limb deformities may experience pain, difficulties with mobility, and limitations at work, school or during normal activities.

Limb deformities are musculoskeletal abnormalities that can be congenital, developmental, or the result of fracture, infection, arthritis or tumor; they can be a challenging condition to tackle. But innovative limb healing solutions from Orthofix are giving patients new treatment options to manage their bone healing under the supervision of their doctors and can make huge differences for patients like 12-year-old Zion.

After Zion broke his fibula in two places in an accident, his mother Kusema feared Zion would never be able to walk again.

Conventional repair would involve either casting or implanting plates and screws. To give Zion the best chance at a full recovery, Dr. David Frumberg opted for the TrueLok™ external fixation system to secure his ankle and provide stable bone fixation during the healing process.

Now, when his homework and chores are done, Zion and his brother head for the basketball court again and his future couldn’t be brighter.

“Zion is running, playing football, basketball, lacrosse, whatever he chooses to do,” says Kusema.

“It’s really fun to watch him play basketball, and just get back to being a kid which is the most important thing,” says Dr. Frumberg.