Thank You Interns Class of 2023!

After 10 incredible weeks, Orthofix is saying farewell to our talented summer interns. The summer was filled with learning, relationship-building, and in-depth projects and presentations. We want to congratulate each of the interns on their initiative, their many accomplishments, and the value they brought to our organization in such a short time.

We thank the Interns Class of 2023 for their hard work and for choosing to spend their summer with us. Thank you also to all the mentors and leaders who invested in them and shared their enthusiasm and expertise across the business.

Here are some comments from the interns regarding the program, as well as photos of our Interns Class of 2023!

“One thing I learned as an intern was how to have confidence in my decisions. At the beginning of my internship, I was terrified of making a mistake but as I moved on, I learned you don’t need to know everything about a company to be good at your job.”

 –Noah Prochnow (Manufacturing Biologics Intern)

“The highlight of my time as an Orthofix/ SeaSpine intern was the exhilarating journey of learning something new every single day from every domain expert I met.” – Shubham Bargal (Clinical Intern)

“Something that set this internship apart was the opportunity to work on truly meaningful projects in which the company was genuinely invested. Tasking interns with meaningful projects and giving them the responsibility to bring them to completion while providing the necessary tools and support is the way to bring up new leaders, prompt true growth in the intern, and generate a result that is of genuine benefit to the company. And that is exactly what I experienced during my internship with Orthofix/ SeaSpine.”

Zachary Conte (R&D Spine Intern)

“As an Orthofix/ SeaSpine intern, it was communicated clearly to me that any project I would take over would not only be valuable to the company, but valuable for my career growth as well. There was an assumption of good faith and refreshing transparency from everyone I spoke to that made my intern experience a success to everyone involved.” –Mousa Shah (Quality Intern)

“My favorite part of being an Orthofix/ SeaSpine intern was definitely how kind and welcoming everyone was! The cadaver lab was definitely a big highlight for me too.”– Stephanie Nguyen (R&D Biologics Intern)

“A few of my favorite moments from being an intern this summer include feeling immediately welcomed by my team, the hands-on experience in our clean room, the cadaver lab, and meeting great people!” – Genesis Long (Quality Intern)

“During this internship I have really enjoyed the positive work environment, especially how helpful everyone is.”–Evan Percival (Manufacturing Engineering Intern)

“This company is truly one of a kind. The culture  here is something that is so special, and one that I feel so lucky to have been a part of. A team is only successful when everyone understands how each person adds value, which is something that I think Orthofix/SeaSpine excels at. I am walking away from this internship full of new skills, great memories, and most of all, amazing relationships. I am so thankful for such a great summer!”

Maddie Perkins (Orthopedics Marketing Intern)

“Since this is my first internship, I was nervous about the transition between school and working in a professional industry. However, I never felt out of place or awkward in any situation, and for that I am quite grateful. I always felt valued and appreciated for my work, and I think that is because of the strong company culture here.”

Shruti Mohan Karthikeyan (Regulatory Intern)

“The most surprising part of this internship for me was how eager people were to help me when I had a question. Whether it was about my projects or just trying to find where a certain conference room was.” – Melissa Troy (Quality Intern)

“Throughout this summer, I have gained so much confidence in the person I am and the professional I seek to become once I graduate college. The support and encouragement that I have received during my summer here at SeaSpine/ Orthofix is something that I will forever be grateful for.” – Katherine McElaney (Corporate Communications Intern)

“What I enjoyed the most about interning at Orthofix/ SeaSpine is that I was exposed to all different aspects of the company that doesn’t pertain to my field of interest as I was able to understand how all the different departments of the company help work toward a larger goal.”

Layla Hasan (Marketing Spine Intern)

“The best piece of advice I got this summer was to ‘be a sponge!’ Use everyone around you as a resource to learn from, regardless of department.” – Henry Ojeda (R&D Spine Intern)

“One thing I learned this summer is that it is much easier to work and stay motivated when you know you are working towards the goal of helping others and creating products that can change the lives of patients.” –Megan Moglia (Quality Intern)