Mother and child

Pediatric Solutions

We are devoted to helping children, including children with trauma and deformity, be the very best they can be.

We understand that the decision to have surgery for a child is a big one. Our goal is to provide the information, support and resources that will help children, teenagers, and parents to make informed decisions about pediatric conditions, injury prevention, and treatment. We aim to reduce worries about surgery and the healing process by providing the pediatric solutions and resources needed to answer children and families’ questions.

For example, Kevin was born with Moebius syndrome, which means he’s unable to smile, blink, or make any kind of facial expression. Children with Moebius syndrome can also have club foot. Kevin has bilateral club foot, meaning it affects both of his feet. Kevin’s parents thought he would never walk, but with a careful therapy regimen and Kevin’s determination, a 10-year-old little boy who had never walked soon found himself up and about.