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Bone Healing Therapy

The AccelStim™ device provides a safe and effective nonsurgical treatment to improve nonunion fracture healing and accelerate the healing of indicated fresh fractures.1 The device stimulates the bone’s natural healing process by low-intensity pulses of ultrasound (LIPUS) waves to the fracture site.2-4

The AccelStim bone growth therapy device is FDA-approved to be used for the treatment of nonunion fractures and to accelerate the healing of indicated fresh fractures.* Please refer to the instruction manual for complete prescribing information.

Proven Effective Therapy

Just 20 minutes a day can quickly return you to your daily activities!

  • Digital Calendar that monitors treatment compliance to allow patients to adhere to their physician’s recommendations
  • Lightweight, small, and easy to use
  • Rechargeable battery to simplify carrying the AccelStim device with you
  • Intuitive design with preset parameters to create a stress-free and simplified treatment experience

Why Do Physicians Prescribe an AccelStim device?

  • 86% clinical success rates for nonunion fractures2
  • 38% acceleration in healing for indicated fresh fractures3-4
  • LIPUS direct signal to the fracture site
  • 20 minutes daily treatment time

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