Orthofix Unveils Latest Environmental, Social and Governance Report

What is Environmental, Social and Governance and Why is It Important? 

At Orthofix, our mission is to collaborate, innovate, and improve the lives of patients. To do so over the long-term, we must embed sustainability throughout our business, which means we must consider the impact of our decisions on all of our stakeholders (e.g., patients, employees, physicians, distributors, suppliers, the communities in which we operate, investors, etc.). In collaboration with our Board of Directors, we have developed an ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) strategy intended to drive progress and accountability on initiatives that promote sustainability. The five tenets of our ESG strategy – Our People; Community Involvement; Environmental Responsibility; Governance; and Safety and Quality – reflect our belief regarding the areas that we can most impact and that are most relevant for our business today. 

Learn more about Orthofix’s ESG program here.

Orthofix Unveils Latest Environmental, Social and Governance Report 

ESG reporting is a corporate disclosure that details an organization’s environmental, social and governance efforts and progress. Just as an annual report reveals an organization’s financial and operational milestones, an ESG report enables an organization to provide updates on its progress toward its environmental, social and corporate governance goals. An ESG report helps an organization communicate information to internal and external stakeholders.

How does Orthofix manage its environmental footprint? How do we promote diversity, equity and inclusion? How do we enhance communities around the world? Do we conduct business in accordance with the highest ethical and legal standards? Sharing the answers to these questions is important to Orthofix because corporate social responsibility is increasingly important not only to us, but to regulators, governments and shareholders.