Orthofix Expands Solutions for Minimally Invasive Spine Procedures with the Full Commercial Launch of Two Access Retractor Systems

LEWISVILLE, TEXAS — April 25, 2023 — Orthofix Medical Inc. (NASDAQ:OFIX), a leading global spine and orthopedics company, today announced the full commercial launch of two access retractor systems to aid surgeons during minimally invasive spine (MIS) procedures. The Lattus Lateral Access System and the Fathom Pedicle-Based Retractor System expand the Company’s offering of access solutions to address the estimated $1.8 billion MIS surgery market.

The Lattus Lateral Access System is designed for ease of use and versatility. The novel, independent blade retraction strength, with “down-and-out” splay feature, provides access to challenging anatomy. With a full suite of instrumentation that facilitates use of the Company’s innovative WaveForm® L and Regatta® NanoMetalene® interbody devices, the Lattus retractor system optimizes the lateral procedure.

“The Lattus Lateral Access System addresses five important areas of lateral spine surgery: access to the spine, preparation or removal of the disc, interbody placement, plate fixation, and easy integration with intraoperative monitoring through an advanced interface,” said Dr. James Lynch, a spinal neurosurgeon and president of the Swift Institute in Reno, NV. “This improved lateral portfolio optimizes each procedural element, from access to fusion, so that I can efficiently and effectively treat each patient’s unique spinal condition.”

Orthofix has also initiated the full commercial launch of the Fathom Pedicle-Based Retractor System. With three points of active telescoping blade fixation, the Fathom Retractor allows the surgeon to control the precise length of each blade and dial in a customized lateral to medial tilt, providing a rigid construct to address each patient’s specific anatomy. Fathom also enables a reproducible surgical workflow, enhances visualization with minimal soft tissue disruption, and complements the complete TLIF procedural solutions offered by the Company.

“Fathom is the first and only pedicle-based retractor to offer continuously telescoping cranial/caudal blades and active control to shorten or extend the length of the medial blade in situ,” stated Dr. Justin Kubeck, orthopedic spine surgeon at Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch, NJ. “With its offering of modular components, the Fathom Retractor affords me the ability to perform a minimally invasive TLIF surgery with retractor placement customized to each patient unlike anything else currently on the market.”

“We are pleased to offer two truly market differentiating access systems,” said Kevin Kenny, President of Orthofix Global Spine. “The Lattus Lateral Access System paired with our innovative WaveForm® 3D printed interbodies integrate seamlessly into our lateral access procedural solution. Likewise, the Fathom Pedicle-Based Retractor System integrates with our Mariner® MIS pedicle screw system and the 7D FLASH enabling technology platform to meet surgeon’s needs and greatly expands our ability to provide full procedural solutions in the OR.”