October is Spine Health Awareness Month

October is Spine Health Awareness Month, which helps raise awareness about the importance of spine health. The painful truth is back and neck pain are common problems that can affect virtually anyone.

One of the themes for 2023 is MOVE YOUR SPINE, which calls on people to care for their spines by staying active. Research has shown that spinal pain and disability can be directly attributed to immobility and a lack of physical activity. “Move Your Spine” aims to encourage people of all ages, in all nations, to get active and promote their spinal health and well-being through movement. In the U.S. alone, it is estimated that 100 million Americans suffer from neck or back pain each year, according to the National Spine Health Foundation. That’s almost one-third of the population!

Here are some good tips to remember in order to keep your spine healthy:

  • Stay mobile and stretch regularly
  • Exercise and avoid physical inactivity
  • Practice good posture and stay hydrated
  • Do not overload your spine
  • Adopt healthy habits such as weight loss and smoking cessation

Throughout Spine Health Awareness Month, we join public health advocates and health care professionals committed to educating the public about spine conditions and stress the importance of spinal health and well-being. We thank our employees and our health care partners for all they do to help patients.

Watch this video to see how Dr. Ken Sullivan-Bol, a M6-C™ disc patient, stays active!