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STIM onTrack

STIM onTrack™ mobile app provides a hyper-targeted experience that addresses unique patient needs related to bone healing. STIM onTrack mobile app is an application for mobile devices that works with the latest generation CervicalStim™, SpinalStim™, and PhysioStim™ bone growth therapy devices. Designed for use with smartphones and other mobile devices, the STIM onTrack mobile app provides tools designed to help patients adhere to their prescriptions and improve their clinical outcomes.

Stim onTrack app

App Highlights

  • Featuring daily treatment reminders and device usage calendars to help patients stay on schedule with their treatments.
  • Enabling the sharing of treatment data and patient reported outcome measure questionnaire (PROM) responses with physicians to assist in understanding your current treatment progress and overall recovery status.**
  • Providing links to educational patient resources and connecting patients with our Patient Care team to help ensure patients understand their treatment regimens.