ribcage and spine rendering


The web-based TL-HEX software supports surgeons throughout pre/intra/postoperative phases. The HEX-Ray module is designed to facilitate preoperative planning and postoperative monitoring with TL-HEX Software 2.3, with the direct upload of digital X-ray images into the software. It provides a suggested lengthening calculation option, anatomical angle indication for femur and tibia, the possibility to define osteotomy level, and the related translations.


Benefits to Surgeon

  • Automatic data input into TL-HEX software
  • Frame templates in preplanning for precise ring positioning
  • User-friendly measurement calculation support for the frame position
  • Possibility to adjust the final outcomes
  • Planning over visualization of the final bone correction

Benefits to Patient

  • Acute planning for the surgery directly on digital X-ray images
  • Precise frame measurement for an optimized prescription
  • Digitalized measurement for an accurate outcome