Shoulder & Elbow rendering

The Galaxy Shoulder Fixation system is a safe and efficient procedure for the treatment of the most common proximal humerus fracture patterns. The frame application guided by anatomical landmarks is simple, standardized and reproducible. The system provides a stable and minimally invasive fixation using six paired, bicortical threaded wires externally stabilized with the Galaxy Shoulder Fixation system components.

Product Highlights

  • Simple, standardized and reproducible frame application guided by anatomical landmarks for most common proximal humeral fracture patterns
  • Galaxy Shoulder Fixation high stability
  • Percutaneous minimally invasive fixation
  • Paired, bicortical (subchondral and lateral bone purchase in the humeral head) threaded wires stabilized with Galaxy Shoulder Fixation components
  • Wires with 7 cm thread
  • Laser marking on the threaded wire to facilitate paired threaded wire insertion – the second wire is inserted to the same depth as the first
  • Easy to use and essential instrument set
  • Short treatment time (AVG implant removal at 6 weeks)
  • Outpatient removal (no second surgery)
  • Early passive mobilization and rehabilitation

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