Real People. Real Stories. Real Lives. – Jadon’s Story

“I love seeing Jadon being able to get out there with his sisters and rollerblade and play sports. I love that he can just go be a kid. He’s whole again.”

– Wendy, mother of Jadon.

Jadon, an active 16-year-old, embarked on a difficult journey when a tumor linked to Ollier’s disease created a painful leg length discrepancy. Following this concerning discovery, he underwent surgery using the Fitbone™ Intramedullary Lengthening Nail, correcting his leg and ultimately restoring his freedom and vibrant level of activity. Thanks to Fitbone’s discreet and efficient recovery process and his doctor’s work, Jadon and his family now celebrate his restored mobility and his ability to live life without restriction. The technology not only corrected his condition, Fitbone allowed Jadon to continue his favorite activities, including soccer and rollerblading, and provided his family relief and the gift of witnessing Jadon become a carefree teenager once again. To learn more, watch the video above.