Posterior Thoracolumbar Fixation spinal rendering

Mariner Midline

The Mariner® Midline system expands the versatility of the Mariner fixation platform to enable a less invasive midline cortical procedure. This system combines procedure-specific implants and instrumentation with the strength of Mariner modular technology to address a wide range of spinal pathologies.

Key Features

  • Unique implant thread form designed to optimize biomechanical performance
  • Thread-on modular technology for in situ head deployment and optimum strength
  • Multiple tulip options for polyaxial and motion-limiting configurations
  • Anatomically designed constrained rod for zero overhang and precise rod approximation
  • Extensive implant diameter and length options for patient-specific anatomical fit
  • Accompanied with true midline access retractor and intelligently streamlined tray layout for more efficient procedural workflow

Instructions For Use