Posterior Thoracolumbar Fixation spinal rendering

Forza Ti

Spacer System

The Forza Ti Spacer System with Nanovate™ Technology has been developed to enhance posterior & transforaminal lumbar procedures with a 3D-printed titanium lumbar interbody designed with a functional gradient porous structure. The Forza Ti implant has an optimized porosity and pore size which creates a 3D porous surface designed to help facilitate bone ingrowth.** The Forza Ti Spacer System offers eight footprints, parallel and lordotic angles, heights from 6mm-14mm in one- millimeter increments to address multiple patient anatomies.

Product Highlights

  • Large opening for packing bone grafting material
  • Bulleted nose to assist with distraction
  • 3D porous titanium with macro, micro, and nano-scale surface features
  • The nano-scale surface has been shown to increase proliferation and alkaline phosphatase activity (an early osteogenic differentiation marker) in human stem cells in vitro*
  • 3D-printed titanium endplates with 400 micron pores and 50% porosity are designed to help facilitate bone ingrowth**
  • The endplates consist of interconnected gyroid structures analogous in form to trabecular bone which provide an open porous environment
  • Functional gradient porous structure with 80% porosity at the midline of the implant allows for increased fluoroscopic visualization

Support Material


*In vitro performance may not be representative of clinical performance
**As suggested in an in-vivo ovine lumbar spinal fusion model

Instructions For Use