Posterior Thoracolumbar Fixation spinal rendering

Firebird NXG

Spinal Fixation System

As one of the first companies to develop a modular pedicle screw system, the Firebird® NXG represents Orthofix’s four generations of modular pedicle screw system experience. The system is designed for comprehensive posterior thoracolumbar surgical cases including degenerative disc disease. The next generation Firebird platform refines the modular screws, provides a lower profile body and simplifies instrumentation thus improving upon this already versatile system.

Product Highlights


  • 2 instrument cases and 1 implant case to optimize volumes​ in sterile processing
  • Unique tubular rod reducer offers up to 28mm of reduction
  • Modular and Multi-Axial screw drivers to accommodate modular and
    pre-a​ssembled screws​

Implants Modular Bodies:

  • Slimmed implant waist by 20% allowing for improved in​ situ visualization​​
  • Reduced height above the rod by 6% creating a lower profile similar to industry leading pedicle screw systems​
  • Decreased run on rod w​ithout compromising rod security
  • Reduction body allows for 22mm of reduction​
  • Allows 50° con​e of angulation once attached to modular screw ​

​Implants Titanium Screws:​

  • Modular design for maximized visualization during screw placement
  • Non-cannulated and cannulated options support a variety of surgical approaches
  • Threads extend to the tip for controlled insertion and tactile feedback
  • Sharper tip angle, dual lead thread form to facilitate smooth screw insertion

Instructions For Use