Posterior Cervical Fixation spinal rendering


Laminoplasty Fixation System

The NewBridge® Laminoplasty Fixation System provides specially shaped plates, made of commercially pure (CP) titanium, are designed to fit the anatomy of a dorsally elevated lamina. The plates have screw holes on both ends, which allow for attachment to the vertebral body, and a screw hole in the center for attachment to the allograft. The screws are made of titanium alloy and are available in a variety of lengths and diameters in order to meet individual anatomical requirements.


Product Highlights


  • Plate tab buttresses against laminar edges for secure fit
  • Plate teeth maintain position during implantation


  • Three plate sizes
  • Slotted plate for adjustment to any patient anatomy


  • Color-coded bone screws for easy identification
  • Color-coded instruments for easy implant matching​​​

Instructions For Use