Anterior Cervical Fixation spinal rendering


PEEK Spacer System

For Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF) and partial vertebral body replacement (VBR) procedures the PILLAR® AL PEEK Spacer System offers ovoid shaped implants in multiple sizes and lordotic angles, with a wide central opening to hold graft material. The chamfered leading edge eases the implantation while surface teeth provide anti-migration. X-ray markers provide clear radiographic identification.

PILLAR PEEK Spacer System

Product Highlights

  • Multiple footprints and angles to match patient anatomy
  • Chamfered edge for easy insertion yet aggressive teeth on the surface to minimize migration
  • Ovoid shape to match the shape of the vertebrae
  • Wide central opening for graft material
  • X-ray markers for clear radiographic implant placement​​

Instructions For Use