Anterior Cervical Fixation spinal rendering

Meridian with Reef A

The Meridian® ALIF system was designed to be a modular instrument and implant system to streamline the ALIF procedure and provide diverse fixation options for single to multilevel ALIFs in a reduced number of sets. Machined from a PEEK core, the Reef® A interbodies feature the Reef Topography® and NanoMetalene® surface technologies to increase the osteointegration potential of PEEK without compromising its favorable stiffness and imaging characteristics.

Key Features

NanoMetalene Technology

  • Up to 1-micron of commercially pure titanium molecularly bonded to PEEK

Reef Topography Technology

  • Collection of macro undercuts on the endplates and inside the aperture designed to hold and retain orthobiologics during interbody placement

No-profile and TruProfile Standalone Constructs

  • Modular fixation options to address a variety of stability requirements and anatomical challenges

Multiple Lordotic Interbody options

  • The No-profile and TruProfile construct offered at 10°, 15°, 20° and 25° lordotic options


Reef Topography


Instructions For Use