Anterior Cervical Fixation spinal rendering

The WaveForm® C Anterior Cervical Interbody System was designed for surgeons to have ultimate system flexibility, construct modularity, and refined instrumentation. Utilizing WaveForm Technology and an optional TruProfile® plating system, WaveForm C provides complete intraoperative solutions.

Key Features

  • WaveForm Technology
    • Repeating and wave-like structure has the highest strength-to-porosity ratio compared to other 3D-printed structures1
    • 65% endplate porosity to facilitate early stability2
    • 75% body porosity allows for decreased interbody stiffness and improved imaging characteristics
    • When coupled with OsteoStrand® Plus, an osteoinductive environment is created within the WaveForm interbody, where graft can flow from the inside out, forming a connection endplate to endplate, and ultimately be contained within the WaveForm structure.
  • Multiple contiguous level clearance with Shoreline® TruProfile
  • Three standard footprint options: 16 x 14mm, 18 x 15mm, and 20 x 15mm
  • Three lordotic options: 7°, 10°, and 15°

Support Materials

Instructions For Use