Anterior Cervical Fixation spinal rendering


Anterior Cervical Plating (ACP) System

​​​​​The Hallmark® Anterior Cervical Plate ​(ACP) System offers a variety of options for individual patient requirements and precise fixation delivery. The implants and instruments are designed to simplify and reduce surgical time for fast, reproducible results. With a narrow plate width and large plate slots for visual alignment and bone graft confirmation, the Hallmark ACP was developed with expanded implantation opportunities. The Hallmark ACP System’s plates are narrow and engineered to help minimize tissue retraction during placement. Once fixed, the system’s intuitive locking mechanism resists​ back-out. Designed with variable bone screw choice gives surgeons a range of options to best suit each patient.​

Hallmark Primary


  • Narrow plate width (15mm) for minimal tissue retraction
  • Color-coded bone screws for constrained, semi-constrained or hybrid constructs
  • Low profile plate
  • Intuitive locking mechanism​​

Instructions For Use