Anterior Cervical Fixation spinal rendering

Construx Mini PTC

Spacer System

The Construx Mini PTC Spacer System with Nanovate Technology has been designed to optimize anterior cervical procedures with a unique technology that combines PEEK and titanium into a porous interbody solution for the cervical spine. This PEEK / titanium hybrid is designed with its titanium endplates having an optimized porosity and pore size to create a 3D porous material with the potential for bone ingrowth**. The implant also features a PEEK core which allows for post and intraoperative imaging without image distortion. The Construx Mini PTC Spacer System offers three footprints to address the cervical interbody fusion solution. The implants are available in both parallel and lordotic angles with heights of 6mm-12mm in one-millimeter increments.

Construx Mini PTC

Unique Design Characteristics

  • 3D porous titanium with macro, micro, and nano-scale surface features
  • The nano-scale surface has been shown to increase proliferation and alkaline phosphatase activity (an early osteogenic differentiation marker) in human stem cells in vitro*
  • 3D-printed titanium endplates with 400 micron pores and 50% porosity are designed to help facilitate bone ingrowth**
  • The endplates consist of interconnected gyroid structures analogous in form to trabecular bone which provide an open porous environment
  • PEEK core to obtain imaging properties while assessing fusion
  • Large center opening for packing bone grafting material
  • Multiple implant options enable various surgical solutions

Instructions For Use