Anterior Cervical Fixation spinal rendering


Anterior Cervical Plate (ACP) System

Cetra™ is a new ACP system designed to meet the needs of today’s surgeon. The system offers a variety of options to fit patient anatomy and provide precise fixation delivery. Cetra consists of quality instruments and implants that are cost-effective and designed to simplify and reduce surgical time. The plate features large graft windows that give the surgeon better visualization of the disc space while the plate is in place. Cetra also includes a single step locking mechanism that does not require a torque driver and can be locked with the same driver that is used to drive the bone screws. This system gives surgeons a wide range of screw options to best suit each patient and achieves up to 20 degrees of screw angulation.​

Anterior Cervical Fixation

Product Highlights

  • Low profile plate (2.2mm)
  • Large graft windows
  • Intuitive locking mechanism
  • High degree of screw angulation (20°)
  • Color-coded bone screws for constrained and semi-constrained options
  • Self-Drilling and Self-Tapping screw options available
  • Streamlined Instrumentation – One driver used to drive bone screws and engage locking mechanism

Instructions For Use