ribcage and spine rendering


The OrthoNext™ platform system is a web-based application intended for preoperative planning of orthopedic surgery. The OrthoNext platform system is indicated for assisting health care professionals in preoperative planning of orthopedic surgery. The software allows for overlaying of Orthofix product templates on radiological images, and includes tools for performing measurements on the image and for positioning the template. Clinical judgment and experience are required to properly use the software.

Benefits to Surgeon


  • Accurate calibration, measurements and templating
  • Pre-op planning and postoperative assessment
  • Image-based preoperative planning of orthopedic procedures using both external fixation and internal fixation
  • Simulation of osteotomy plan positioning based on scientific literature
  • Precise hardware device selection and positioning

Highly streamlined surgery and time-savings thanks to

  • Preoperative surgical plan available to replicate in OR
  • Preoperative templating support with appropriate hardware device selection
  • Optimized inventory sent to OR (thanks to preoperative templating)
  • Appropriate instrument selection

Digital planning for clinical case evaluation

  • Accurate measurements
  • Precise template selection and positioning

Ease of use

  • A one-stop-shop for all orthopedic procedures whether internal fixation, external fixation or both
  • Guided planning process and simple user interface