Shoulder & Elbow rendering

​The XCaliber® Meta-Diaphyseal Fixator is made of radiolucent material for unobstructed x-ray visualization. The metallic bolts and the cam and bush of each ball-​joint, are the only radio-o​paque components.​​

Product Highlights

As it is radiolucent and made of a composite ma​terial, the ball-joint deforms after repeated tightening. In addition the joint is sealed and cannot be dismantled for cleaning.

  • ​​​​Stable Fixation of Metaphyseal and Diaphyseal Fractures
  • A single fixator for both metaphyseal and diaphyseal fractures
  • Built-in bone screw convergence of 0-15 degrees
  • Optional supplementary screw clamps
  • Multiple bone screw fixation possibilities with the same clamp
  • Stable fixation (even in short bone segments) achieved through convergent and/or triangular screw positions
  • Ball-joints allow correction up to 22 degrees from straight position, in any direction, with fixator in place
  • Ball-joints lock/unlock from either side. One instrument for fixator locking/unlocking
  • Supplementary screw holder available for versatile screw placement
  • Telescoping body for fracture reduction, compression/distraction and dynamization for callus maturation
  • Dynamic C/D Unit for compression/distraction and early cyclic movement for callus stimulation
  • Ideal in proximal and distal metaphysis​

Physician Benefits

  • Less O.R. time – Ready to use wit​h no assembly required.
  • Single use – No maintenance and sterilization costs
  • Less inventory – Minimal instrumentation
  • Xtraordinary – Packaged as a sterile kit in three time-saving configurations, ready to use

Instructions For Use