Hip & Femur rendering


Hip Fracture System

The Chimaera Hip Fracture System has been designed leveraging decades of knowledge and experience in hip nailing. Chimaera is a monocephalic hip nail with dual lag screw option for increased stability when required. It is available in 10mm and 11mm diameter with dedicated color-coded instruments, all in one tray, for precise and reproducible operative steps.

Chimaera Hip Fracture System tool

Product Highlights

  • Self-locking sliding lag screw: designed to reduce lateral pain during weight-bearing and the related reoperation rate
  • Supplementary lag screw: anti-rotational stability
  •  All-in-one instrument tray
  •  Intuitive color coded instrument selection
  • Instrumentation allows reproducible, easy and accurate measurement and may reduce related x-ray exposure

Instructions For Use