Hip & Femur rendering


Titanium Supracondylar and Retrograde Nail

The Centronail™ family utilitizes nail-connected distal targeting which is accurate in all anatomical sites and minimizes fluoroscopy time.

Features & Benefits

  • Ease of use – color coded system
  • Reduced inventory – universal instruments
  • Versatile – Multiple proximal and distal locking options
  • Nail connected distal targeting – accurate screw insertion and reduced X-ray exposure
  • Titanium nails and locking screws
  • Design of the Orthofix locking screw provides greater biomechanical strength​
    • Screw thread diameters allow for better bone purchase
    • ​Reverse threads on screw head for easy screw removal
  • One design for left and right femur
  • 2500mm radius matches the average femoral procurvatum
  • Shortest supracondylar nail available, lengths from 130mm to 375mm
  • 10° distal bend accommodates anatomy
  • Multiple distal locking options in different planes​

Instructions For Use