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CalcFix Plus

Calcaneal Fixator System

CalcFix Plus Fixator is a monolateral fixation device indicated for the treatment of calcaneal fractures. It reduces displaced fractures, restoring the calcaneal volume and axes (e.g. Bohler’s Angle)

Features & Benefits

  • Stable, it allows partial weight-bearing
  • Improved* X-ray visualization of the fracture pattern
  • Versatile, ambidextrous design can be adapted to different patient sizes and calcaneal axes
  • Easy-to-use, thanks to the reduced instrumentation needed
  • Provided in a ready-to-use sterile set
  • Quicker* to apply thanks to the simplified and reduced operative steps

* Compared to the previous version


  • The external fixation for the treatment of calcaneal fractures provides a good and stable reduction, and minimizes soft tissue complications due to open surgery1,2
  • It is a minimally invasive procedure, compared to internal fixation with locking plates, and can minimize surgical time and complications due to surgical exposure 1,2
  • The use of the external fixator enables early mobilization and a full weight-bearing at 4 weeks, thereby reducing stiffness and healing time.1,2


  • The new design of CalcFix Plus Fixator uses less steel, which allows for improved x-ray visualization of the bone and the fracture site.
  • CalcFix Plus Fixator is versatile thanks to the new improvements such as poliaxiality of external half pins and varus-valgus orientation of the posterior clamp.
  • Each of the two arms of the fixator have an integrated rail controlled by a worm screw to allow the compression/distraction movement of the anterior and superior clamps. This helps the surgeon in obtaining a better restoration of the volume of the calcaneus and a proper Bohler’s Angle.
  • The swiveling arm with an angle of rotation of 116° (from 14° to 130°) can be locked, by surgeon’s preference, to better place the superior half pins in the subtalar area.
  • It is also easy-to-use due to reduced instrumentation needed for the application and simplified operative steps, leading to a quick application.
  • Provided in a comprehensive sterile set, including implants and instruments, the CalcFix Plus Fixator is ready-to-use.

Support Materials


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