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The Agile Nail is designed to address femoral fractures and deformity correction procedures. It consists of antegrade intramedullary nails for the femur with respective end-caps and locking screws. The intramedullary nails feature proximal and distal holes to accept locking screws. Nails, end-caps and screws are available in several sizes and are manufactured from a titanium alloy. All implantable devices are designed for single use only.

Benefits to Surgeon

  • Diameter from 7 up to 10mm
  • Titanium alloy implants
  • Procurvation design for easy insertion
  • Optimized and lean instrumentation
  • ig with patented locking mechanism

Benefits to Patient

  • Minimally invasive (with a small diameter for the nails and the screws)
  • Early weight-bearing as tolerated by the patient and under surgeon discretion
  • Titanium alloy implants to avoid allergic reaction to nickel
  • 10° proximal bending to facilitate the lateral insertion of the nail and to reduce the impact on the growth plate
  • Small proximal diameter of the nail for reduced invasiveness

For more info, see OrthofixKids.com.

Instructions For Use