Foot and Ankle Reconstruction rendering


Hindfoot Nailing (AHN) System

The Orthofix Ankle Hindfoot Nailing™ (AHN) system is an intra medullary nailing system, intended to be used for tibiotalocalcaneal arthrodesis.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent stability with the capacity of both, powerful internal and external compression
  • Simplicity with the internal compression mechanism pre-assembled within the nail
  • Wide range of implant sizes with 4 sizes across three different diameters

Physician Benefits

  • Flexibility with the freedom to lock the talar screw within any position of the 7mm internal compression mechanism
  • The radiolucent, two-piece targeting handle allows for freedom to implant screws in the desired orientation
  • Simplicity of the system, allowing for reliable and reproducible results
  • Independently locked talar screw, increasing amount of fixation and stability
  • Dedicated Revision Ankle Hindfoot Nail range with 3 sizes across 3 different diameters

Instructions For Use