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TrueLok EVO Ring Fixation System

Ring Fixation System

The TrueLok™ EVO System is a modular circular external fixation system based on Ilizarov principles. TL-EVO consists of external supports (rings and footplates), variable length struts and a variety of connection elements that build the external frame.

The TL-EVO may also be used in hybrid frames with ProCallus Fixator, XCaliber™ Fixators, Galaxy Fixation™ System and Galaxy Fixation Gemini™.

Versatile, Stable, Simple

  • Standardized operative technique
  • Can be used as a bone fragments’ reduction tool

Easy to use

  • Radiolucent rings and struts also provided in pre-assembled frames
  • TL-EVO is the first circular fixator on the market available in different folded pre-assembled frames provided in sterile sets
  • Dedicated sterile packaging and sterile sets, ready-to-use

MRI Conditional

  • Rings and struts are made mainly of carbon fiber and have been tested according to the ASTM F2503 Standard


  • Dynamization is obtained without the need for any additional component


  • Rings and struts are made of carbon fiber and their radiolucency allows for easy visualization of the bone and the fracture site

For more info, refer to TL-EVO Operative Technique cod. TL-2113-OPT.

Benefits to Surgeon

TrueLok EVO can be used for both temporary and definitive stabilization. The sterile sets give the surgeon the comfort of having all the necessary components, ready to use, with a streamlined configuration. Sterile components guarantee the surgeon the reliability of a brand new system and the safety of a proper sterilized implant. The sterile sets have pre-assembled frames, facilitating the application of the fixator and potentially speeding-up the surgery time.

Rings and struts are made of carbon fiber to enhance the radiolucency of the frame, allowing for a clear visualization of the bone under X-rays.

The initial hand-tightening mechanism on the radiolucent struts allows the surgeon to manipulate the frame without requiring an instrument while performing reduction maneuvers and X-ray intra-operative controls. Using the radiolucent struts with integrated dynamization, the surgeon can decide whether to keep the frame completely locked or to allow the dynamization of the fracture site without changing or replacing any component of the frame.

TrueLok EVO System is MRI conditional, allowing the patient to enter a MRI environment with the fixator applied, if further investigations are needed. (See IFU for the specific conditions that have to be respected.)

Benefits to Patient

TrueLok EVO is designed as an external circular fixator that can also be used for definitive treatment of long bone fractures.

TrueLok EVO larger components (rings and struts) are mainly made of carbon fiber and polymeric materials that make the fixator lightweight and improve patient’s comfort.

The integration of the dynamization module inside the radiolucent struts allows the frame to be dynamized during the post-operative period, without any additional frame revisions by the surgeon.

Instructions For Use