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Trinity Evolution Allograft with Viable Cells

Allograft with Viable Cells


The Trinity Evolution allograft is comprised of cancellous bone with viable osteogenic ​and osteoprogenitor cells retained within the matrix and a demineralized cortical bone component. The Trinity Evolution allograft offers an ideal alternative to autograft and other bone grafting options.

Adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are multipotent and capable of responding to their environment to differentiate into a variety of cells as needed. When implanted in patients, MSCs and osteoprogenitor cells do not stimulate an immune response.1

The Trinity Evolution allograft is processed by MTF Biologics, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing quality tissue. Every step, from donor screening to cryopreservation and pre-release testing, has been designed to maximize cell health and ensure patient safety.

Ensuring quality at every step:

  • MTF Biologics is committed to excellence in tissue quality
  • Cell health is preserved through donor selection, careful processing and vapor phase liquid nitrogen storage​
  • Trinity Evolution allograft supplies the three essential components for new bone formation:
    • Osteoconductive scaffold
    • Verified osteoinductive potential
    • A reliable number of viable cells retained within the bone matrix2

Instructions For Use