Posterior Thoracolumbar Fixation spinal rendering

Shaped Strip

Our Shaped Strip is 100% human allograft, composed of demineralized bone matrix and donor-matched human musculoskeletal tissue. This natural biologic scaffold features a deep recess for additional grafting material.

Key Features

Simple graft design

  • The simple design includes a deep recess for packing in local autograft or other grafting material. When hydrated and filled, the graft can be folded to enclose and hold the added grafting material.

Verified osteoinductive potential

  • Each lot is tested for osteoinductive potential1 following terminal sterilization.

Flexible handling

  • The hydrated graft is pliable and can be folded, twisted and molded. The graft bends to conform to the defect site and allows for contact with the decorticated bone.

Fast hydration options

  • Graft hydrates in 3 minutes with a variety of fluids, including sterile saline, sterile water, blood, bone marrow aspirate or platelet-rich plasma. Reduced hydration times yield firmer handling. The hydrated graft resists irrigation.

Highest level of safety

  • The highest level of safety is ensured through redundant safeguards, including tissue and DBM sterilization processes and terminal sterilization by low-temperature, low-dose gamma irradiation.


  1. DBM or representative finished implant is either assayed in vivo in the modified athymic nude rat for bone formation or in vitro for endogenous BMP-2 as a surrogate test marker for osteoinductive potential. Because the combination of various proteins is responsible for osteoinductive potential, DBM when assayed in vitro, is also screened for the presence of BMP-7. Findings from an in vitro assay or animal model are not necessarily predictive of human clinical results.

Instructions For Use