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FiberFuse Advanced

FiberFuse™ Advanced is a moldable allograft that consists of mineralized cancellous bone and demineralized cortical fibers, providing an ideal matrix for bone healing.

Fiber Fuse


  • 100% bone; no carrier added
  • The self-entanglement of fibers result in a putty-like handling
  • Demineralized cortical fibers are consistently osteoinductive when assessed in an in vivo model1
  • Osteoconductive porous scaffold allows ingrowth of host vasculature, osteoblasts and MSCs2
  • Rapid rehydration with surgeon’s choice of reconstitution soltution
  • Graft expansion is visible when hydrated to conform to the surgical site

FiberFuse Advanced is exclusively processed by MTF Biologics.

Support Material


  1. MTF Biologics. A Comparative Study of the Osteoinductivity of the Demineralized Cortical Fibers in FiberFuse™ Allografts and Commercially Available DBMs. FF-2108 White Paper; 2019
  2. Roberts, TT and Rosenbaum, A. 2012. Bone grafts, bone substitutes and orthobiologics. The bridge between basic science and clinical advancements in fracture healing. Organogenesis, 8(4), pp. 114-124.

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