TJ fishing

TJ's Story

Trinity Elite Bone Graft Patient Story

Before my surgery, I wasn’t able to do things like a normal dad. Now, I love fishing with my daughter.

For a career military man like TJ, parachuting from a plane or helicopter was part of his usual routine. But after a jump, TJ’s “sprained” ankle was later diagnosed as broken, and the surgery to insert three screws in his ankle was unsuccessful. Suffering from chronic pain, TJ was eventually medically discharged from the Army. Back home, TJ had another failed surgery which left him in worse pain; the next doctor TJ saw recommended that he have his lower leg amputated below the knee. Refusing to give up, TJ eventually met an orthopedic surgeon who made a plan to rebuild his ankle with Trinity Elite™ allogenic bone graft material, which is donated human bone processed to preserve the living adult stem cells.

“My future looks very bright,” says TJ, after the successful procedure turned his life around. He and his family are grateful for the donor who made it possible. To learn more about TJ’s story, watch his video.