Joanie speaking

Joanie's SpinalStim Bone Growth Therapy Story

After 10 years of back pain, Joanie was facing her third fusion surgery. Her physician prescribed SpinalStim™ Bone Growth Therapy to aid in her recovery.

I was so excited when I first heard about the Orthofix bone stimulator because this was a product that would help the body heal non-invasively.

As a naturopathic doctor who focuses on using natural means to help the body heal, Joanie understands all too well how chronic pain can take its toll on the body and on one’s quality of life. For ten years, she experienced excruciating back pain. After trying many forms of treatment, she and her doctor agreed that spinal fusion surgery was her only solution. Knowing that this was a major surgery, she was intent on making sure her recovery would be both quick and complete.

Following her release from the hospital, and after using the SpinalStim bone growth therapy device, as prescribed, Joanie was able to return to work as a naturopathic doctor.

Today, she advises her clients who are anticipating back surgery to ask their doctors if they are candidates for Orthofix’s bone therapy devices.