Vertebral Body Replacement spinal rendering


Surgical Mesh System

NGage™ surgical mesh system provides surgeons the ability to customize an implant for a precise anatomical fit for replacing an excised or resected vertebral body. This system offers a large anatomic footprint with a unique lobe design to match end-plate anatomy. An open design provides space for bone packing and filling. Modular implant designs allow for varying patient anatomy.

Product Highlights

The NGage Surgical Mesh System has the ability to customize the implant for a precise anatomical fit.


Large Anatomic Footprint

  • Unique lobe design matches end-plate anatomy
  • Open design allows for ease of bone packing and filling
  • Bridges the cortical rim to provide anterior column support

Sure-Footed Endcaps

  • Press-on design for easy assembly
  • Spiked surface for a secure construct
  • Parallel and lordotic versions allow for customization of mesh construct

Modular Implant System

  • 4-lobe and 6-lobe mesh lengths address a variety of spinal conditions
  • Diamond shaped body pattern makes trimming easy
  • Parallel and lordotic end caps adapt to the patient’s anatomy

Instructions For Use