Posterior Thoracolumbar Fixation spinal rendering


MAP Tubular Retractor System

The next generation in minimally invasive spine surgery, the ProView™ MAP Tubular Retractor System introduces extraordinary benefits for both patient and surgeon. With an intuitive, step-by-step procedure, the ProView MAP Tubular Retractor System offers procedural simplicity and a versatile approach for straightforward implant delivery.

Product Highlights

Minimal Approach with Maximum Impact

The ProView MAP Tubular Retractor System consists of: straight and beveled tubular retractors in multiple lengths.

The ProView (MAP) Tubular Retractor System uses a step-by-step procedure to dilate the tissue concentrically for optimal viewing. A full complement of tubular retractor diameters and lengths are available to accommodate patient anatomies and surgeon needs. The inserter handle locks to the tubular retractor for complete control during insertion. The flexible arm provides variable positions, with rigidity that adjusts with a single knob. The arm can even be locked to the retractor for optimal security.


  • Retractors in many configurations: flat and beveled ends, multiple lengths and diameters
  • Reusable single and bifurcated fiber optic light cables for increased interoperative illumination

​ONYX Instruments

A complement to any surgical procedure, the ONYX™ instrumentation set features a comprehensive set of black-coated, bayoneted instruments, specifically designed for cutting and soft tissue re​moval. Instruments are available in a variety of tip configurations and sizes for increased intraoperative versatility.


  • Penfields, probes, and hand-held retractors increase versatility
  • Black coating reduces glare and reflection at the procedure site
  • Bayonet design offsets from handle to keep surgeon’s hands clear of their line-of-sight
  • Silicon handles for secure grip and control
  • Kerrisons, disc rongeurs, and curettes with multiple tip configurations and sizes

Instructions For Use