Posterior Thoracolumbar Fixation spinal rendering

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(MAP) Expandable Retractor System

The next generation in minimally invasive spine surgery, the ProView™ MAP Expandable Retractor System introduces extraordinary benefits for both patient and surgeon. With an intuitive, step-by-step procedure, the ProView MAP Expandable Retractor System offers procedural simplicity and a versatile approach for straightforward implant delivery.

Product Highlights

Minimal Approach with Maximum Impact

The ProView MAP Expandable Retractor System consists of: a unique 3-blade independently-controlled expandable retractor.

Expandable Retractors System

The Expandable Retractor System enables dilating of muscle and tissue without enlarging incision. Individually controlled arms and independent angulating blades allow the surgeon to focus on isolated areas with optimal flexibility and visual access. Top loading blades, available in multiple lengths, allow for blade changes without the need to remove the retractor. Additional shims for blade extension, reusable and disposable fiber optic lighting and a bilateral fitting make the system exceptionally versatile.


The ProView MAP System consists of: a unique 3-blade independently-controlled expandable retractor, and an easy-handling percutaneous screw delivery system that is used in conjunction with the Firebird™ Spinal Fixation System.

  • Top loading blades exchange quickly and easily
  • Reusable and disposable fiber optic lighting for increased intraoperative illumination
  • Shims insert easily to extend blade penetration
  • Arms are individually controlled, blades feature independent angulation​

​ONYX Instruments

A complement to any surgical procedure, the ONYX™ instrumentation set features a comprehensive set of black-coated, bayoneted instruments, specifically designed for cutting and soft tissue re​moval. Instruments are available in a variety of tip configurations and sizes for increased intraoperative versatility.


  • Penfields, probes, and hand-held retractors increase versatility
  • Black coating reduces glare and reflection at the procedure site
  • Bayonet design offsets from handle to keep surgeon’s hands clear of their line-of-sight
  • Silicon handles for secure grip and control
  • Kerrisons, disc rongeurs, and curettes with multiple tip configurations and sizes

Instructions For Use