Posterior Thoracolumbar Fixation spinal rendering


Midline Fixation Screw

As an addition to the Firebird® Spinal Fixation System, the JANUS® Midline Fixation Screw from Orthofix provides surgeons with the option of a midline approach.The JANUS Midline Fixation Screw is designed to achieve more cortical bone purchase in the medial to lateral trajectory when compared to traditional pedicle screws.  With its modular screw design, maximized visualization is possible when working in a smaller midline incision or minimally invasive surgical approach.

JANUS Midline Fixation Screw

Product Highlights

JANUS Midline Fixation Screws:

  • Increased cortical bone purchase
  • 43% increase in cortical region thread density*
  • Self-drilling, self-tapping screws allow for fewer surgical steps
  • Threads extend to the tip for controlled insertion and tactile feedback
  • Compatible with Firebird® Spinal Fixation System and Phoenix® Minimally Invasive Spinal Fixation System

Instructions For Use